Americans are dreamers too, and Americans’ dreams should come first!

Right now, there’s a teenage girl in Appalachia who dreams of a great education but sits in a school that isn’t delivering. A factory worker who dreams of regaining work that went overseas earlier this decade. An urban mom who dreams of strong border security to keep her kids safe from criminal gangs that exploit our border.

These are dreamers all. And they’re Americans.

But instead of helping them, liberals in Washington believe Americans should defer their dreams for those of illegals. They want our government to pay for illegal aliens’ welfare benefits, housing, and even lawyers.
American taxpayers shoulder all costs for illegal aliens—costs that make it harder for lawful citizens to realize their own dreams.

America has a proud tradition of opening its arms to others in need, but that has never meant erasing our borders. That’s why, America’s immigration laws must be enforced and why Washington must put Americans’ dreams first. You know that, and The Heritage Foundation knows that. Now, it’s time to get facts, research, and policies to the lawmakers who need to know it, too. Advance the conservative position on immigration >>

With thanks to The Heritage Foundation