POLL SHOWS: Bob Beauprez (Republican) 50%  – John Hickenlooper (Democrat) 40% in race for Colorado Governor

By now you’ve seen the news: Quinnipiac University released a poll yesterday showing Bob up by 10-points (50% Beauprez – 40% Hickenlooper). Denver’s Fox 31 called the news “stunning.”

With 27 days until ballots are mailed to voters–and knowing how nasty our opponents are–this was great news, but our work is far from done. Numerous other polls that have come out in the last week show a virtually tied race. Rasmussen, The Denver Post, NBC News, and USA Today all have the race for governor within the margin of error.

There is one clear thread through all of the polling… support for the incumbent governor, John Hickenlooper, is anchored to the low 40′s.

The Denver Post poll, USA Today poll, and NBC News poll all have John Hickenlooper at 43% of the vote. Quinnipiac has Hickenlooper at 40%. Rasmussen has Hickenlooper the highest at 44%, but still shows Bob winning at 45%.

In today’s Denver Post, retired Colorado College political science professor Bob Loevy made a chilling statement for John Hickenlooper: “I’ve never seen things turn against an incumbent governor quite so swiftly and quite so close to Election Day.”

But why is this? It’s simple. Voters have gotten to know John Hickenlooper.

They’ve seen Hickenlooper’s indecision and scratch their head at his “To Be Determined” agenda. They’ve seen Hickenlooper rollover for Barack Obama and Washington, DC one too many times. That’s why the tide is turning.

Also, people are just now getting to know Bob, which means Bob has room to grow. A few days ago, Claudia sent you a message with our new ad “Opportunity.” I recommend you check it out, and help Colorado get to know Bob better by making a quick donation right now to keep our ad on the air.

Political analyst Larry Sabato of the Center for Politics said in his Crystal Ball newsletter this morning: “We previously thought that Hickenlooper would run ahead of his statewide ticketmate, Sen. Mark Udall (D), but now it appears he might run behind Udall—and Beauprez, too.” They now list the race as a “toss up.”

If voters can compare Bob’s decisive leadership and vision for a stronger Colorado with John Hickenlooper’s weak leadership and lack of plan, then Colorado will have a new governor. You can help draw that contrast by donating to our TV ad buy.

With just 27 days left until ballots are mailed to every Colorado voter, we understand that we have a job to do regardless of any poll. We are going to run like we’re behind.

I know Claudia and Bob are grateful for your support. The research only confirms what we’re hearing on the ground. Coloradans are tired of failed leadership from politicians in Denver and Washington, and are ready for honest, decisive leaders who will stand up for our state.

Help Bob Beauprez stand up for Colorado.

On to victory, Dustin

P.S. Let’s build on our momentum. Join us Monday, September 29 for a rally with former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney! Register now.

Dustin Olson, Campaign Manager, Beauprez for Colorado Check out www.BobBeauprez.com

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