CBS4 Debate Shock:

Friday, October 24, 2014

Hickenlooper unaware & hasn’t read his own public safety policies. Confirms he’s rewarding Death Row murderers for “better behavior”

During his final debate with his opponent, candidate for governor Bob Beauprez showed Coloradans why he is ready to lead the state as its 43rd governor. Meanwhile, John Hickenlooper was reduced to defending his administration’s outrageous record on public safety; revealing his appalling lack of knowledge of his own administration’s policies, and acknowledging he’s awarding death row inmates special privileges for “good behavior.”

“I was disgusted to hear John Hickenlooper tell Coloradans he hasn’t even read his own policies, especially ones that endanger the public’s safety,” said candidate for Lt. Governor Jill Repella. “The governor has accused Coloradans of ‘backwards thinking,’ but from lenient parole policies to awarding special privileges for Colorado’s death row murderers, it’s clear John Hickenlooper is the one who is backwards.”

Hickenlooper “Unaware” and Hasn’t Read His Own Public Safety Policies:

The most shocking moment of the night came when the governor was asked about his own lenient parole policy that was implemented in April of 2011.  Hickenlooper — who refuses to talk about his dangerous failure to reform parole — admitted to his ignorance of his own public safety policies, first saying that “I haven’t read it, so uh I’m not aware of the details in that.”

[Beauprez]: Governor, on your official website, there is something called the Colorado Violation Decision-Making Process Users Guide. In fact, I downloaded and printed one. I have it here. Did you even know that according to your own standards that were adopted in March of 2011 a sex offender could volunteer in child related locations, that’s directly from the language of the document, and not have their parole revoked?

[Hickenlooper]: Again, I don’t have the document in front of me and I haven’t read it, so uh I’m not aware of the details in that.

[Beauprez]: But you approved it. This is approved on your watch. March of 2011.


[Hickenlooper]: You now, there is, uh, a number of issues around sexual offenders. Uh, a 17 year old has, you know, is dating a young woman who’s under age and, uh, somebody files a files a case against that, he becomes a sex offender. Now, I’m not sure that’s fair or not fair but that’s what sometimes happens. I don’t know if that’s what that’s referring to or not. Maybe that person is in certain situations allowed — I actually, I know by law they’re not — but maybe there is some way in that they are allowed to do that.

See Hickenlooper’s Parole Policies:
Colorado Violation Decision Making Process Instrument (CVDMP):

Hickenlooper Awarding Death Row Murderers Privileges for “Better Behavior”:

As shocking as that is, it was not the only public safety failure brought up in the debate. The moderators brought to light the new revelation that John Hickenlooper’s Administration has indeed gone forward with their plan to grant special privileges to the convicted murderers on death row:

[BOYD]: Governor, let’s put the ad aside and talk about your record on public safety. I’ve watched as the democratically controlled legislature failed to pass bills increasing penalties for DUI and vehicular homicide while passing laws reducing penalties for drug offenses and allowed more violent criminals to be release into community corrections. And finally, your administration implemented a policy under which death row inmates get four hours a day of unsupervised leisure time. Your opponent suggests you have done a good deal to help criminals but little for victims. How do you respond to that?

After days of his administration refusing to confirm that his Department of Corrections is awarding special privileges to death row murderers, Hickenlooper disgracefully defended this policy of leniency and special treatment for the worst of the worst saying, “Things that seem overly lenient are trying to goad people into better behavior.”

Yesterday, when the story broke, Jefferson County District Attorney Peter Weir said, “The last four years, I can say without hesitation or equivocation, have been the most offender friendly years of my entire career.”

Administration’s practice of awarding special privileges to convicted murderers on death row.

Beauprez raised several other issues that illustrate the lack of concern and attention that Hickenlooper has given to criminal justice and to victims of crime during his term as governor:

“The reality is in Colorado, we’ve got one of the worst recidivism rates of any state in the nation, we are among the bottom three. The governor says he solved the problem of solitary confinement, Administrative Segregation, all he did was turn those in Ad-Seg back into the general prison population. Guess what? Prisoner on prisoner violence is up, and  streets aren’t safer. According to 9News, 93% of sex offendersare paroled directly into our neighborhoods without receiving any therapeutic rehabilitation before they are turned back into our neighborhoods.

“That’s not defending public safety and improving public safety. That’s taking your eye off the ball and failing to lead.”

See Bob’s Public Safety Policy Highlights: