MARIJUANA IN COLORADO – AN OPINION PIECE It’s been a year since recreational marijuana was made legal in Colorado, and the Washington Examiner just published an important series entitled “Clearing the Haze” that includes research data about the effects both medical and recreational marijuana are having on the state. This includes the impact on the increased numbers of users, addiction, crime, thriving black market drugs and cartels, impaired driving , tax revenue, dangerously potent levels of THC in current drugs and hash oil, babies and children at risk, breast milk with THC , exportation of drugs to other states, powerful explosions caused by hash oil, concerns over adolescents’ use and their brain development, problems facing employers, and effects of “medical” marijuana.

This a must-read article. Medical marijuana was made legal in Colorado several years ago, and it opened the door for the massive profits, political power, and problems this multi-million dollar recreational industry has created throughout the state.

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