Peter Yu Rocks! Message from Garnett Payne, Summit Chair for Peter Yu for Congress

Peter Yu is rockin and rollin the campaign trail!

He continues to get great reviews for his presentations and Q& As. Unfortunately, his liberal competitor keeps turning down invitations for a face to face debate with Peter. That includes turning down Club 20 and the upcoming Summit County Chamber event! (He did accept one invitation, at a school this week in Loveland. 🤔)

At the recent  Club 20 event in Grand Junction and the Larimer County Lincoln Day Dinner he was a big hit! In fact,  the guest speaker was the election forecaster, Dr.GerardLameiro. He spent about 5 minutes talking about his prediction of Peter winning CD 2  and Peter says “The room went crazy”!  Dr. Lameiro  wrote about his prediction on his blog about the race.

Peter will be in Summit in October to meet and greet voters at our post offices and rec centers. When the dates are confirmed, I’ll send out an invitation to participate. Meanwhile, he is investing in a micro marketing  strategy to target voters based on issues they are warm to, e.g. based on web searches people have done on open WiFi networks. It’s so critical that we get out to vote, and that we sway unaffiliated voters in the district. Peter is bringing more and more voters over to his side with every contact he makes!


Marketing takes money, and as Dr. Lamiero said in his blog, Peter is seriously underfunded compared to his left wing competitor. PLEASE CONSIDER DONATING!

Pick up  yard signs, bumper stickers and campaign literature at our central committee meeting next Monday.

Review his Facebook posts and share!

Not on FB?

Review his website and share video clips of Peter on issues.

Write a letter to the editor supporting Peter specially and/or espousing the horrors of the socialist agenda supported by Neguse.

Thanks for your support.