Voting Insights by Summit County Republican Women on State of CO and Summit County 2018 Ballot Amendments and Propositions

Summit County Republican Women

Positions on  Amendments & Propositions for 2018 State of Colorado Ballot & Summit County

These are amended notes from a discussion that we had at our October SCRW meeting.  We encourage our members and friends to continue to research and ask questions before casting your  vote on Tuesday, November 6, 2018.  We’ve also included the recommendations from the Centennial Institute 2018 Voter Guide.

Here is a summary from the members present who provided their opinions.

Proposition 109 Authorizes transportation bonds WITHOUT tax increase

  • Total repayment including P&I to $5.2 billion over 20 years
  • Transparency and accountability as each project is specified
  • Vote YES
  • CI says YES

Proposition 110 Authorizes transportation bonds WITH tax increase

  • Increases sales tax
  • Borrow up to $6 billion for transportation projects with repayment to $9.4 billion over 20 years
  • Vote NO
  • CI says NO

Proposition 111 amending the Colorado statutes thorough review by Charlotte Jacobsen

  • Reduce the total cost for a payday loan to a 36 percent annual percentage and
  • Expand what constitutes unfair deceptive trade practices
  • Unnecessary because state legislature passed reforms in 2010 that already lead to fewer defaults and reduced loan costs
  • Vote NO
  • CI is neutral on this one.

Proposition 112 pros & cons thorough review presented by Debra Irvine.

  • Statutory ballot measure that if passed, will establish a 2,500 foot setback between oil and natural gas development & occupied structures or other vulnerable areas
  • Would kill up to 147,00 good-paying jobs in CO by 2030 with up to 43,000 jobs being lost in the first year alone
  • Vote NO
  • CI says NO


A          Civil Rights & Constitutional Language

  • Removes language that currently allows slavery & involuntary servitude
  • Against states it’s redundant so may have minimal impact
  • Vote YES
  • CI says YES

V          Legislator minimum age from 25 to 21

  • Current age strikes an appropriate balance between youth and experience
  • Vote NO
  • No input from CI

Y and Z   Y is Congressional redistricting and Z is legislative redistricting & the ones our group did not agree on.

  • Pertains to gerrymandering that may stack the deck to one political party over another
  • A nonpartisan staff will be selected to include 4 Democrats, 4 Republicans & 4 Unaffiliated.
  • 8 of the 12 must approve the redistricting map.
  • Per Kim McGahey it depends on who is in power; if the Democrats like they are now, Vote YES (Kim) but if Republicans are in power, vote NO.
  • Per Debra Irvine, Vote NO. Not so cut and dry; need to do more of your own research!
  • CI says YES

73        Funding for Public Schools

  • Establishes tax brackets and raises taxes to fund education
  • Vote NO
  • CI says NO

74        Compensation for Reduction in Fair Market Value by Government Law or Regulation

  • Property taxes and fracking
  • This amendment is in response to Proposition 112 so it offsets; Vote NO on 112 and YES on this one just in case 112 does pass.
  • Property value will be harmed by government action.
  • Vote YES
  • CI says Vote YES

75        Campaign Contributions

  • Outside Democratic supporting groups spend more than the Republicans right now.
  • Vote NO says Kim.
  • CI says YES
  • Eric says YES

1A        Property tax increase of $15 Million + over five years

  • Funds four local initiatives: wildfire mitigation, mental health & suicide prevention, infrastructure repairs, early childhood education, recycling and waste diversion.
  • Though these are admirable causes, this is a big bill that the county commissioners are trying to push through. There have been many letters to the editor on this topic, urging a No vote to force the county to split these issues into separate bills and be more transparent about how the money would be spent.

Vote NO