Convention of States

(The following was sent to the 900 members of the Convention of States Project in Northwest Colorado. The information should be of interest especially since the Colorado Republican Party Platform contains a resolution indicating the Party supports a Convention of States (# 44). Thanks for your interest.)

Hello everyone. Thought I would provide a short status of the Convention of States (COS) Project here in Colorado and across the country as I understand it. Much detail is available on The 2015/2016 Legislative session has ended and all our state lawmakers should be back in their districts either trying to get reelected or thanking the stars no one ran against them, or are not up for election. So, another legislative session has come and gone with no measurable action on a resolution calling for a Convention of States here in Colorado. There is no Political will in the Legislature in Denver to make this happen. Even some Conservatives who should support the effort are reluctant. Remember that when you vote this year. Don’t be hesitant to ask your legislators where they stand on a Convention of States. Try to make them commit. The elections in November may well determine how Colorado moves forward on the subject. The call for a Convention of States limits the proposal of amendments to those that impose fiscal restraints on the Federal Government, limit the power and jurisdiction of the Federal Government, and limit the terms of office for its officials and members of Congress.

There are now 8 states that have completed their Convention of States resolutions and submitted them to Congress. We need 34 to force Congress to call a COS (26 more). The states complete are Florida, Alaska, Georgia, Indiana, Alabama, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and the latest, Louisiana, and the resolution has also been passed by eighteen State Houses, and eleven State Senates. Many Colorado House Districts passed resolutions during the Republican Caucus supporting a Convention of States. That sentiment was carried forward to the State Caucus as a resolution supporting a Convention of States passed 2241 (yes) to 924 (no). There were other resolutions passed that most likely will require a Convention of States: Fiscal Discipline legislation, Life Begins at Conception Amendment, Term Limit Amendment to name three.

It is a slow process but the Constitution gave us this tool to fight back against an out of control Federal Government. It is up to us to put folks in state office who will respond to our calls to action. Make your voice heard. Thanks very much for all you effort. Feel free to call or Email for information or suggestions on actions.

Gary Cox

District Captain

Convention of States Project