Op-ed: Vote Kim McGahey for “We The People” of House District 61!

Our Founding Fathers gave us remarkable gifts of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Yet now, Governor Pontius Polis has taken a lot of that liberty away from us with his unnecessary, and likely unconstitutional, “Emergency Powers”. And there has not been one peep from the Democrat-run state legislature or from my liberal opponent to halt this unauthorized and un-American power grab.

Meanwhile, the Democrat state legislature, Denver mayor and Colorado governor have stood idly by as violent rioters have over run the streets of Denver and made that city unsafe for its law-abiding citizens.

This mayhem could be coming to a ski town or a ranch town near you sooner than you think. E.g. when U.S. Senator Cory Gardner was in Silverthorne this summer at our annual picnic, upon exiting the ranch we were greeted by protestors wrapped in Antifa flags giving the finger to 70 year old women and calling them F-ing B’s.

If that’s the violent future you want for the Western Slope of Colorado and House District 61, then vote for my opponent to maintain that out of control status quo. But if you want law and order, safety for the general public and individual liberty for all House District 61 citizens, then vote for me.

I believe in the movement to “DEFEND (not defund) POLICE”. I believe in the passage of Proposition 115 to protect unborn babies of all colors. I believe in the constitutional integrity of the Electoral Collage as created by the genius of James Madison and the defeat of the National Popular Vote as passed into law by the current Colorado state legislature. I believe in the immediate re-opening of the Colorado economy erasing the Democrat’s Coronaphobia fearmongering. We must protect the most vulnerable 3% of our population while allowing the unaffected 97% to go back to work, back to school and back to church.

Colorado is a pretty state, but it’s pretty screwed up politically right now. I’ll be a conservative common sense voice for the Western Slope and an independent problem solver stemming the tide of a liberal takeover of our individual 1st Amendment rights. I can’t be bought, bribed or brow beaten into submission by the powers that be in the state legislature, the Republican party or any special interest lobbies.

The existing Democrat party platform for the state of Colorado is centered in Denver and consists of:

Raising taxes

Open borders

Riots in the streets

Defunding police

Taking away our guns

Killing unborn babies

Weakening the economy with lockdowns

Financing illegal aliens

Central planning control of health care

Suppressing free speech that disagrees with them

Implementing socialism

My opponent has spent the past two years meekly accepting this platform without any objection in order to placate her party bosses and union special interest groups. The people of House District 61 can no longer trust her to do what’s best for the Western Slope. It’s time for her to step aside and let we the people, not we the party, govern Colorado.

I will make three campaign promises 1.) I will always tell the truth, 2.) I will always vote for the best interests of we the people of House District 61, and 3.) I will have self-imposed term limits and only serve two terms in office.

I don’t want to be a politician. I want to be a servant to the people of House District 61. Thank you for giving me that opportunity.

Kim McGahey