Ballot and Policy Issues

Ballot and Policy Issues

2022 Voter Guide

There are two Summit County Referred Measures on the 2022 ballot. Both are tax measures. Arguments FOR from the County attempt to paint them as indispensable. I am voting NO. Their required fiscal note shows Summit County spending has increased over $40 million since 2018. Estimated spending in 2022 will be over $108 million. This is an increase of 59% while our County’s population has remained steady at 31,000. It is time for our County bureaucracy to live within their already well-funded resources.

There are a number of State-wide ballot measures on the 2022 ballot. The links below are to three conservative websites and their positions on them. They are useful guides to aid you in making your own decision.

If you want a more libertarian view, read Ross Kaminsky’s voter guide. He also gives a great argument for voting a Republican candidate ticket (and he is a registered unaffiliated voter).

Ross Kaminsky Voter Guide

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Mike Tabb
Summit Chair