Summit County Republicans

What we believe in…..

  • “We The People”, not We The Government
  • Private Enterprise Jobs Creation
  • Free market enterprise which allows us to prosper & advance
  • Individual freedom not government oppression
  • Patriotism under the U.S. Constitution
  • Personal responsibility
  • Term limits for Congress
  • Limited government that protects us, but doesn’t control us
  • Government stay out of personal moral decisions
  • Helping those less fortunate
  • Family
  • Hard work
  • Faith in the God of our Founders
  • Quality choices in education
  • Honest & objective media that looks out for we the people
  • Equal Treatment of all races, religions and incomes
  • Save the earth, keep it clean and green
  • Main Street instead of Wall Street
  • Equal tax rates for everyone


If you believe in these principles, please join us today!


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